History of the origin of golf

Golf is a sport played with a club and a ball on a natural course, and the participants compete to drive the ball into the hole intended for it in the fewest possible number of strokes. Every year this game is gaining more and more popularity and it is played all over the world, but few people know about the history of golf, where it came from and how it all began.


Among many nationalities, one can find mention of games where the main goal was to drive a ball or stone into a special hole using a stick. But with all this, it is believed that this sport came from Scotland, local shepherds, with the help of their staffs, with which they drove sheep, drove round pebbles into hare holes in their free time. After the game gained popularity, the authorities decided to ban it, because it interfered with the mastery of martial arts. These decrees are official and are considered the first mention of golf in history. The Scots, on the other hand, violated these laws and continued to play their favorite game, and even the authorities themselves, the kings, continued to play this wonderful game. After some time, the ban was limited only to weekends, and soon it was lifted altogether.

But games like Scottish golf existed long before it. For example, in the Roman Empire there was a game called paganika, in which, with the help of a special bent stick, the participants hit a ball stuffed with feathers. Another interesting suggestion is the Chinese game Chuywan. One of the ancient Chinese scrolls depicts a drawing, and it clearly shows how members of the imperial family, using sticks very similar to modern clubs, are trying to roll a small ball into the holes. But real, modern golf came to us all the same from Scotland.